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    Sabtu, 14 April 2012

    Rocking with rudiments drums set

    Rocking With Rudiments

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    My name is Paul Donahue and my goal is to show you how rudiments can be fun! My vision for this project is to show many possibilities for applying rudiments to the drum set.

    Rudiments are many times overlooked by drummers because they are considered boring or thought to only be used by snare drummers. This project is meant to show how important and inspiring rudiments can be to the drum set player. I will show many grooves and fills using some of today’s most popular rudiments.

    Through diligent practice, this material will change your playing. You will find yourself playing more interesting drum grooves and fills by having a solid grasp on these rudiment's. Once you have mastered this material you will find yourself playing the drums in ways you never thought possible. Enjoy the journey!

    This project will be broken down into 3 major chapters. This first section will focus on the single and double stroke rolls. Here we will cover many grooves and fills using these rudiments. Through working this material you will also develop many solo ideas as well.

    The second chapter will focus on some of the major paradiddle rudiments. This will cover a lot of ground as there are many different types of paradiddles that you may have never known about.

    Finally in...

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